Angie Goto, Stephen Kane and Joi Murugavell share an aesthetic synergy, despite contrasting in style and medium. Working within the thematic genre of Abstraction, each artist renders artwork in defiance of convention. Pushing the boundaries of their respective fields to collaborate in a unique exhibition, Angie, Stephen and Joi invite their audience to approach the Edge of Abstraction.

EXHIBITION: 11am - 2pm, June 16 - 29 2019 at 26 Vincent St, Marrickville

OPENING NIGHT: 6pm June 15 2019, join our guest list via the form below


Angie Goto is an Australian Deaf artist who loves to express herself through vivid paintings of images that live in her mind. Her love of reading and painting have joined to create endless 'stories' on canvas that strive to recreate the scenery she has silently witnessed and participated in her life. In March 2019 Angie participated in The Other Art Fair Sydney for the third consecutive year, showing in both Sydney and Melbourne since 2017. She held two solo shows in 2018, 'You be You' at 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace from August to October 2018 and 'A Peek at The Human Condition' at Anala Art Advisory in November 2018. Angie has been exhibiting in group and solo shows since 2010. Working as a full time artist and part time Art Educator at the Museum of Contemporary Arts Sydney enables Angie to be involved with the community in a meaningful and rewarding manner.


“Lightscapes" is an ongoing project investigating abstraction through the modulation of optical light. Utilising in-camera effects and post-photographic digital manipulation, each series explores sensory perception, pattern recognition and gestalt theory. Artworks were selected for participation in The Exhibition Project at Sydney City Recital Hall in Oct 2018. They were also previously shown in The Other Art Fair Sydney in both Mar 2018 and Oct 2017. Stephen’s first solo exhibition opened in Gaffa Gallery Sydney in Jul 2017. He also exhibited at Singapore Contemporary Art Fair in Jan 2017 and The Other Art Fair Sydney in Oct 2016. Stephen’s artwork features in international private collections, including: Australia, South East Asia, The United Kingdom and Europe. Stephen’s professional experience includes an extensive design career involving: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Studio Management, User Experience, Digital Design, Graphic Design and Brand Design.


Joi Murugavell is deeply moved by humour, strength and song lyrics. Her paintings are spontaneous and “on the spot” without too much prior planning and are collected by people in knowing need of a laugh. Joi is currently preparing for her first show at the Amsterdam International Art Fair in August 2019. She participated in The Other Art Fair Sydney 2019, 2018 and 2017. Joi was invited by abc Gallery Seoul to have her first solo exhibition in Korea, debuting large paintings in 2018. She was part of a performance piece called ‘Ask Me Anything’ with the Museum Of Contemporary Art Australia’s Young Ambassadors Club in 2017. Joi has exhibited nationally and internationally in London, Mexico, New Zealand and Korea. A graphic designer by trade, Joi is now a full time artist with one foot still in design(ing) her life around her life.